Friday, 14 November 2008

The obligatory meta-blog

I think it's probably against some internet law to start a blog without making explicit comments to that effect: "This is my blog," and so on. I'm sure no-one bothers to go back and read the first post anyway - I'm guessing the world at large won't realise I have a blog until I'm a few posts in. By that stage, maybe I will have learnt how to drive this thing!

Anyway, for the benefit of anyone who does read this, whether now or later...

I apologise for not really understanding that much about how this software works (even though I technically signed up over a year ago). I'm accustomed to building websites from scratch - learning to use other people's systems seems to take more work! But I didn't really want to have to install my own blogging software when it already exists.

Since I expect to have 'things to say' on a fairly wide variety of topics, I'm guessing (hoping!) it might make it easier for people to navigate if I try to keep to one topic per post. This sounds hard - I'm very easily sidetracked! - but I will try.

I'm also going to attempt to integrate this into my website, I'm assuming there must be an API somewhere, but I haven't had chance to look for it yet. Sounds like a project for next weekend (last weekend was all about learning to auto-generate PDF files using PHP... don't ask).

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