Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Following Blogs

Initially I was a little confused about why I should 'follow' a blog within Blogger. I have a perfectly good RSS reader, right? Which I'm already using for a host of other RSS feeds.

The obvious reason to 'follow' (as well or instead) is because - at least for blogs hosted on Blogger - the author gets to see that you're reading them, and maybe gets a warm fuzzy glow inside. But I think I may have thought of a better reason.

After all, infrequently updated blogs are a bit irritating. I've been googling for interesting blogs and some of the top-10 search results haven't been updated since 2004... Come on, Google, you're good at search algorithms - you can surely account for 'recent is important' with blog search just as much as with news!!

Ergo, keeping blogging is good.

Ergo, something that keeps me coming back to Blogger (i.e. to read all my favourite blogs) is good. Yep, just another one of those little psychological tricks I use to make myself behave the way I want to......

Other meta-blog thoughts of recent days:
  1. This would never be my favourite blog to read, because all the best blogs I've found have been pretty focused on one subject. Hey ho, I'm just scatty! At least I'm tagging like a maniac...
  2. I worked out how to insert photos :)

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