Monday, 29 December 2008

Honeymoon highlights III: Trains!

The first train, from St Petersburg to Moscow, was only an eight-hour overnight hop - the shortest of the four train journeys which made up our holiday. We spent over a week on trains, in total. Here are some railway photos:

Our train Rossiya is the one on the right; on the left, train 4 which was apparently racing us across Siberia (always stopping about ten minutes after we did).

Every day on train 2 (Rossiya) we were given a small ration pack. The crackers, butter & coffee were lifesavers - but we still had all the packets of ketchup left at the end.

On almost every platform - however small the station - at least one trader turned up to try and sell us drinks, snacks, or soft toys. The ones with the metal carts were the more organised operations; others simply had a small carrier bag of goodies.

This was the engine which took us from Mongolia to China... I'm getting ahead of myself, but isn't it stunning!


Kazzy said...

Very cool and moody photos. I am really getting the travel bug now!

Pam said...

Beautiful pictures! I love trains and that last one has to be one of my favorites!

Jeanne said...

Terrific pictures -- love the last one, especially.

Rachel Cotterill said...

Kazzy - go, go, go! :) Have you got any trips planned?

Pam & Jeanne - that last one is pretty much my favourite photo from the trip, it's just such a fab train, which is why I posted it out of sequence! :)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing trip. So have to do this...might need to get planning tho!

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