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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

How I Write

The short answer, I think, is scattily. I'm erratic.

Working on a book, I skip from chapter to chapter - sometimes dipping in to add just one sentence that's been bothering me, or to change the order of a couple of words. I currently have three blog posts in 'draft'. I'm really trying to write my PhD transfer report one chapter at a time, but my goodness, that's harder than I thought (I wondered about tricking myself by pretending the chapters are separate essays, but unfortunately I also want it to have a coherent overall structure).

I'm not sure whether this is actually a problem - or just a slightly unconventional way of doing things. It certainly means I never have writers' block, because there's always something else to write. Good for blogging, and it seems to work for novels - how well it works for academia remains to be seen....

Happy New Year
& all best wishes for 2009


Jeanne said...

What is the thesis of your dissertation?

Pam said...

It sounds like it's a good method for you! Happy New Year!

Kazzy said...

What are you writing your dissertation on? Those flashes of thought need to be obeyed though, huh? The cohesion is always the hardest part about writing for me. I have bursts of good ideas, but linking them up? Good luck.

Rachel Cotterill said...

My PhD is in... um... 'something to do with email and dialogue and the possibility of treating email as dialogue'. Yeah. I'm going to have to get that a bit more coherent by the end of the month!! It's in the natural language processing field of computational linguistics, and quite frankly I haven't finished defining my little corner of research yet... :)

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