Friday, 23 January 2009


This is one for the geeks - though if you hadn't already noticed it, you probably aren't all that geeky.

For the benefit of non-geeky types, I should explain that the Unix Epoch time is a number used to represent time/date in computing, which is based on the number of seconds since some arbitrary date (in 1970).

The thing is, we're heading towards a really cool number. On Friday, 13th February at 23:31:30 GMT, the Unix time will be 1234567890.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'll be having a countdown party! Maybe I'll make some of these scrummy-looking orange biscuits.


Belle said...

Geez girl. I'm glad you explained that. I'm going to use those numbers in the lotto.

Emmie said...

haha hmm I had no idea what you just said..

Ill just nod and say yes and pretend I understand! x

Debbie said...

I don't understand either but I do love a party.

Kazzy said...

I think all of the geeks at your upcoming party would love some of those biscuits!

anudivya said...

Hey Rachel, I just checked out that actifry machine! How on earth does that work... sounds too good to be true. Have you tried it before?

Rachel Cotterill said...

Belle - I want my cut if you win! :)

Emmie - "nod & smile" has got me quite a long way, it's a good tactic

Debbie - yup, any excuse :)

Kazzy - it might be a bit hit-and-miss trying to follow a recipe in French but they look soooo good I have to try. Will post how I get on!

anudivya - no, I haven't tried one, but I've heard good reports of them for chips, and your post gave me a brainwave about donuts... I love donuts but they can taste so greasy.

Jeanne said...

And you should send me some, because that's my birthday.

veggie belly said...

thats pretty cool! i learned something new :)

Peggy said...

Have'nt a clue what the numbers are about but the fact that it all falls in to place on Friday the 13th?! Could it be a bit like the infamous millenium bug?
Glad you are up and around and feeling better

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