Friday, 16 January 2009

Cookery Mishaps

I was reading anudivya's post about disastrous recipes and I'm sure all of us who enjoy cooking must have similar stories to share.

Two incidents stand out in my mind - both chocolate-related, as it happens. I have to be fair and say I can't blame the recipe for either of these - just myself!

The first was when I was very young. I'm not sure of the exact year but I must've been only just about old enough to have started cooking on my own, because this was the first time I tried to melt chocolate. I knew you could do it in a bowl over a pan, I'd done that with my mum, but I also knew about the wonder of microwaves. I broke the chocolate into chunks, put in a plastic bowl, and stuck it in for (I think) a minute. End result - chocolate charcoal, and a bowl melted beyond repair. I haven't made that mistake again!

The second time was much later, probably only about three years ago. I was making chocolate sorbet, and needed to cool it down after melting the chocolate (successfully this time!) so I put the bowl in the sink and started running in cold water. Unfortunately, I forgot to switch off the tap, so I ended up with a whole sink full of chocolatey water - yum...

What have been your most spectacular failures in the kitchen?


anudivya said...

I still do that! Sticking chocolate in the microwave when I want it to melt quickly and end up with burnt chocolate every single time. LOL.
I just can't seem to have the patience to do a double-boiler!
I am glad I brought back good, burnt chocolate memories back to you :)

Kazzy said...

How about boiling things and leaving the stove on MUCH longer than needed until whatever was to be softened turned into glue stuck to the pot. Or turning away from my carmelizing almonds for ten seconds to hear the smoke detector screaming, "Get that crackpot OUT of the kitchen!" Man, sugar burns fast!

Single White Female said...

Hi Rachel, I read on Green Gourmet Giraffe that you had never eaten a marshmellow, so I thought I would advise that there is a vegan alternative that comes out of New York (not so great for food miles) the brand is Sweet & Sara and you can buy them online at

I hope you enjoy :)

Rachel Cotterill said...

anudivya - hehe, good memories! You learn by making mistakes, right? :)

Kazzy - the worst thing about that is trying to clean the pan afterwards... sticky...

Single White Female - thanks for that, I don't know whether we get those over here but they must be somewhere... will keep my eyes open :)

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