Monday, 19 January 2009

Good Start To The Day

Woke up this morning to two pieces of good news in the writing sphere:
  1. An email from my editor saying that I did a "great job" on the travel article I mentioned earlier (keep an eye out for the spring issue of the Vegetarian Society's magazine) and which I emailed to her on Saturday night. The article took me about three hours, including picking out some appropriate photos and some serious editing where I was trying to lose 500 words (any fellow NaNoers will understand how alien that feels).

  2. I won yesterday's One Minute Writer with a minute poem. (Hmm, I wanted to write minute-as-in-tiny there... but in that context, I wonder how many people will read it as minute-as-in-sixty-seconds?) Anyway, very many thanks to Beth for that!

Actually, I had a third piece of good news in my email inbox - a stats report for this blog, which apparently got 150 new visitors over the last week. Thank you everyone who's dropped in to say 'hi'!

Now, let's just hope the rest of the day (PhD work then Brownies) goes as well.


Jeanne said...

I wish I could say mine were going as well. I've pretty much abandoned my novel for my blog since I went back to work full-time.

I need to figure that out....

Kazzy said...

I have a close friend who is a vegetarian and I would love to get her that magazine subscription. Great start to your day!!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Jeanne - good luck finding the time... my novel-time is also being eaten into by blog-time but not terminally I hope!

Kazzy - I think to get a subscription to the magazine you have to buy a membership, there is a gift option:

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