Sunday, 11 January 2009

I Used To...

This game is blatantly stolen (and then adapted from) Lyndsay at 'I Used To Be Witty'. Lyndsay had one lie hidden in amongst nine truths, but I'm making it a little more complicated - I'm not telling you how many true versus false statements I'm providing. I'll give you a number of so-called-facts about my life, and you get to guesss for each one whether it's true or false (or if you don't want to stick your neck out quite that far, just guess how many of each you think there are).

In honour of Lyndsay's blog, I'll start each one with "I used to...". I considered including "I used to be witty" as a statement in its own right, but who would decide whether it was true or false...?
  1. I used to live on a narrowboat without mains electricity, and one winter the canal froze over - it got so cold that the diesel got too thick to run through the pipes to fuel our stove. We put the oven on to try and get some warmth into the space, but then the gas bottle ran out - and the shop was closed so we couldn't get another that day!

  2. I used to be nicknamed 'Laughalot' at school (after Lancelot). I have an unfortunate condition which means that when I laugh hard (regularly) or sing (irregularly) my eyes start streaming tears and everyone thinks I'm upset.

  3. I used to go on college trips to CERN in Switzerland, and one evening our physics teacher took us on a tour of Geneva to see a church of particular architectural value. He had failed to note that it was in the red light district, and said church had now been turned into a bar of dubious morality.

  4. I used to be a fairly healthy child, but when I was five I was hit by a form of meningitis which left me fighting for life in intensive care. I had my birthday party in hospital. I've consequently always had a feeling in the back of my mind that I'm very lucky to be alive, and that every day I live is one more than it could have been.

  5. I used to produce plays, have been involved in founding a couple of small theatre companies, and was involved in marketing and fundraising for the theatrical world premiere of Tom Stoppard's Galileo at the Edinburgh Fringe.

  6. I used to have a shortage of fondue pots, but now we have three (and a raclette). Two which we asked for on our wedding list - then a month or so later we bought a third because it was cute and red which hadn't been available on the wedding list. We've used all three on one night (tomato, cheese, and then chocolate).

  7. I used to work as a baker in a small cafe in Oxford. They paid me the minimum wage but I didn't complain because I felt that, if I was going to have a minimum wage job, I'd rather have one I really enjoyed. I spent a lot of time perfecting recipes, and have the perfect brownie recipe, but I've never made it at home because I haven't got round to scaling down the recipe from the industrial quantities.

  8. I used to be the only person in my class who could identify every flavour of crisps when they made us do it without using our sense of smell. My sense of smell has always been apalling - there are a lot of things I can't smell at all, and a lot of things I can smell, smell (to me) like Parma Violet sweets.

  9. I used to be a youth media rep for the UK Vegetarian Society, and was interviewed along with my mum for a Government video which was going to be sent 'abroad' to explain British culture - I later saw myself on German TV.

  10. I used to be 'married' to a boy in my class at primary school. The teacher asked for volunteers to be the bride in a class 'wedding' and all but two of us volunteered - she then picked the subject of public humiliation winner from the two of us who hadn't put our hands up. Everyone teased me (and the groom) about it for years afterwards, right up until we learned the word 'divorce'...


Jeanne said...

I'm going to say 8 truths, 2 lies.

Have you ever seen the movie "Eat, Drink, Man, Woman" about the Chinese master chef who loses his sense of smell?

Peggy said...

Probably all true, you couldnot make them up!

Kazzy said...

Well, these are all very fascinating. I will guess all are true but one. When do we find out the truth? :)

Rachel Cotterill said...

Jeanne - I haven't seen that film, no, but I will look out for it.

Peggy - I admit I've also copied Lyndsay in that the lie(s) are not very far from the truth, but I promise there's at least one.

Kazzy - answers on Tuesday evening (UK time).

Is no-one brave enough to say which one(s) they think might be false??

Vodka Mom said...

I love love love this post!!

(I cry when I laugh very hard, too!!!)

Thanks for visiting!!!

Kazzy said...

I will guess that #4 is the only false statement. And if it turns out to be the only true statement, I will move onto a narrowboat that I will heat with a stove!

Lilly's Life said...

Mmm, I am thinking they are all true bar one. Whichever way you look at it they all seemed convincing. Maybe a marketing career for you sometime down the track! What fun this is to do too! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Lyndsay said...

Thanks for the link Rachel! Your game is so fun and I feel quite boring in comparison.

I'm going to go with 8 truths and 2 lies.

I am thinking that parts to #2 are true, but you got me at 'unfortunate condition', so I think that's one of the lies.

Maybe #8, I don't know ... you can't taste without smell, right? How did you identify them?

Rachel Cotterill said...

Vodka Mom - thanks for dropping in, did you bring any vodka?? Could do with a drop right now! :)

Kazzy - I would like to see that! *goes off to change the answers*

Lily - not sure about marketing as a career... too much pressure for me. I used to be very good at selling raffle tickets though!

Lyndsay - thanks for your guesses. Answers tomorrow (which makes replying to these comments rather hard!).

Rebecca Slater said...

hmm, tough!! it has to be either the crisps or the laughing one!! i have seen you laugh many many times but have never seen you cry with laughter!! or that might be that i'm too busy laughing myself to notice! as for the crisps... hmm, see you even have the oldest and wisest amongst us foxed!! :)

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