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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Sickness & Dreams

I'm officially ill - apart from going to the doctor this morning, I've spent the whole day asleep, and the doctor said I should stay in bed for the rest of the week. So it looks like my life this week is going to be boring, filled with sleep and nausea - I'll have to think of blog topics that don't rely on my having actually done anything!

Actually I did have a dream while I was dozing this afternoon. This may not sound that exciting to you but I almost never remember my dreams so it's unusual for me. Today I dreamt that some nasty illegal tortoise-importers had dropped a crate of baby tortoises in the street - I was walking along and found a little one which that they'd missed which was still alive, and had to look after it and build a little home for it and feed it salad (and tofu, in my dream. I don't think they really eat tofu). It was tiny, only about an inch long, and very sweet. I was reading online the other day about the cruel practises of illegal tortoise imports, and it must have really struck a chord even in my subconscious!

Oh, and I've messed with my blog settings so you should no longer have to do word verification to comment - I've put it on comment moderation instead. Hopefully this moves most of the work from you on to me!


blavinge said...

I understand your excitement in regards to your dream, as I am equally intrigues every rare time when I remember one of mine.

Here's hope for many more remembered dreams and a fast recovery of yours!

mo.stoneskin said...

I would do anything to have an inch-long tortoise as a pet, legally imported of course, or better still, bought from your kind self, offspring of one of your little critters.

Holler said...

Hi Rachel, that was some dream!

I hope you start to feel better soon.

I was over at Lisa's Kitchen and saw that you left a comment asking if you could join in No Croutons Required, so I thought I would stop by an say hello. I am hosting the challenge for February, which will be posted on my blog Tinned Tomatoes on the 1st. All you have to do is make a vegetarian soup or salad on the chosen theme, post it on you blog, linking to me and email me a picture. I am thinking soup may be just the thing you need (if you feel up to making it that is) :)

Rachel Cotterill said...

blavinge - I wonder why some people remember their dreams more than others. I'm often more likely to remember mine when I'm ill.

mo.stoneskin - I am considering trying to make some crochet babies for my crochet pet... once I have finished the first one!

Holler - thanks for visiting, I'm sure I'll be up to soup-making by February (fingers crossed, anyway) so I'll see you there :)

Brett said...

Great blog and i love the top picture, look like a wonderful wild camp, hope you feel better soon.

Lynda said...

Sorry to hear that you're not well, Rachel & hope that you feel better soon ! I agree, the illegal import/export of any animal is horrendous & sadly all down to greedy people who see these poor animals as a source of cash.

Debbie said...

I love a crazy dream! And I'm sorry you are sick. The computer is a great pal for times like that.

Dedene said...

Get well soon! Being sick is no fun. What a disturbing dream. At least you were able to save one of the turtles.

Dave King said...

Hope you feel better soon - but what you really need to supercharge your dreams is a temperature! (That's like, suffering for your art!) Interesting dream, by the way.

Emmie said...

aw I hope you are better soon, i look forward to your next installment. And poor turtles :(

Did you know that you only remember dreams that you wake up from - otherwise dreams that have ended are forgotten xx

Rachel Cotterill said...

Brett - thanks :) and the story of that photo will probably be in my Travel Tuesdays slot in a couple of weeks if you're interested.

Lynda - it is horrible to hear about some of the things people will do in the name of profit, isn't it? It made me upset even 'just' in a dream.

Debbie - so true, there's always someone 'there' to talk to on the internet :)

Dedene - yep, it was a weird one.

Dave - not sure I'm that dedicated, but thanks for the thought!

Emmie - I didn't know that... so maybe the reason I don't usually remember my dreams is that I'm very good at sleeping! Sounds about right :)

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