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Saturday, 10 January 2009

...In With The New

Look! New toy!

Yes, my our shiny new camera arrived this morning. Once the battery had charged up, I was straight out in the garden to try it out. My husband is being very sweet about all this, and even lets me get away with saying 'my new camera' although I'm trying to train myself out of it. He gets to play this afternoon. Amazingly, once we've claimed our cashback from Canon, this camera will have cost less (in actual pounds, before you even take inflation into account) than my old one.

So, without further ado, here are a few pics (scaled down so as not to use up all my flickr limit in one go).

As you can probably tell, we're having another slightly chilly day here, so there wasn't much opportunity for playing with colour. Can't wait to take the camera somewhere more exciting than my own back garden.


Jeanne said...

Your back garden is lovely with its muted colors and touches of frost.

Have fun with your new toy!

Lynda said...

Gorgeous photo's, Rachel - have fun playing with your new toy, & keep warm ;)

Rachel Cotterill said...

Hehe, I am driving everyone mad at the moment taking pictures of everything and trying to work out all the different settings. So much to learn!!

Sophie said...

What beautiful photos, you must have some gorgeous views from your home! Yay for the new camera, I just got one too :)'s so exciting!

Pam said...


Kazzy said...

I really like your eye in these photos. Great boceh in the pine needles shot. And the mirror is cool too! Congrats on your new toy!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Sophie - you have gorgeous pictures on your blog, I'll look forward to seeing what your new camera does :)

Pam - thank you!

Kazzy - you've taught me a whole new word there, I had to go and look up 'boceh' - and I think it's a really useful concept to have, so thank you. The mirror itself, incidentally, was made by a friend of mine... there's an interesting story there too which I may get around to telling some time...

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