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Saturday, 24 January 2009

RSPB Garden Birdwatch '09

Every year, the RSPB collects data from a national garden birdwatching event. If you're in the UK, you still have time to join in - you just need to devote an hour before the end of the weekend to monitoring the birds which land in your garden.

We live in a beautiful corner of the Cotswolds so I have high hopes for spotting interesting garden visitors - I always hope one of the woodpeckers will come along during the counting hour, but alas not yet.

So, I made my way from bed (where I've spent the last three days) to the bedroom windowsill which has a pretty good view of the front garden.

We also set up the camera at the window. Still haven't decided which telephoto lens to buy, but I thought I might still get something. What actually happened? I pressed the button to take a photo, the clicking scared off all the birds, and I realised it would spoil the whole experiment if we tried to take photos. Bummer. So no photos to go with today's post, sorry - just images 'borrowed' from the RSPB site. I'm going to have to figure out whether I can make the camera take photos more quietly!

Today, we saw: a blackbird, a jay, a magpie, a nuthatch, 3 great tits, 2 robins, a dunnock, and a female chaffinch.

Incidentally, the RSPB bird guide website is great - click on either of the pictures to see the entries for those birds, or just browse through. It even has clips of the bird song.


Jenny Beans said...

My husband is a huge bird lover. He has feeders all over our back yard, and delights in watching them gather all over the yard during the long, frozen winter months. We had a cardinal, a blue jay, gold finches, crows and blackbirds out there this morning. It's fun watching them, and from time to time I actually get out the camera, but haven't yet this winter.

Jeanne said...

When I lived in Yellow Springs, a village about 20 miles east of Dayton, I once saw a red-headed woodpecker on my front walk. I had no idea they were so big.

Debbie said...

Our cedar waxwings have just spent their annual couple of weeks in our yard eating our hawthorne berries. They are so beautiful.

Rachel Cotterill said...

Jenny - we have one (industrial sized!) feeder; this morning we had 8 long-tailed tits on it at one time.

Jeanne - I love the woodpeckers, they're my favourites, especially the way they bob up & down when they fly.

Debbie - I tried hawthorn juice for the first time in China, it's delicious, so I don't blame the birds for eating the berries! :)

Chef E said...

Oh, I just found out what a magpie was this past December...I love your site, thanks for commenting on me, I look forward to chatting with you! I use that 'all you can eat' buffet in my 'Open Mic' now and then to get the audience laughing...

Emmie said...

we have been doing this here too. We only seem to get little blackbirds and starlings here but we are inner city and I do have a cat! x

Pam said...

I love watching the birds! I wish I could figure out how to take pictures of them too!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Chef E - I guess you don't have as many magpies as we have here, we see them most days and they're hard to miss.

Emmie - I have the advantage of being slap-bang in the middle of nowhere :) we didn't see any starlings this year so you have one I didn't get!

Pam - let me know if you figure it out... please?

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