Saturday, 17 January 2009

Taking The Camera For A Walk

When I was younger, my dad always used to bring his camera on walks - but very seldom took any photos. We called it "taking the camera for a walk", as if it were a dog which needed to come out for its own health.

Today I took my new camera for a walk. I conclude it's okay for me to carry on saying 'my' camera because this morning my husband said "your camera" to me..... so it's his fault if I fail at my attempt to train myself out of it!

Oh, and I've used up 87% of my Flickr upload limit for January already. Dammit.

RiverWe went for a walk down to the park in Stroud. As well as more normal 'park' stuff there's a little stream and a lake.

Model railway lineOh, and a sizeable model railway line!

Squirrel takes a drinkI'm still deciding which telephoto lens to get, so at the moment this is as close as I could zoom in on this little fella getting a drink from the stream.

SeagullWe also spent ages playing with f-stops and ISO settings while taking pictures of the seagulls. Even with the kit lens this camera is definitely better than my old one for wildlife - particularly when it comes to moving subjects.

LakeOn our way back home, we took a 'short cut' across the middle of the lake, along this walkway. The fact that we had to climb over the gate at the other end suggests maybe they weren't expecting anyone to try and leave that way....


phd in yogurtry said...

I love the first picture of the lake and stream. I could envision this scene for days on end. And Stroud sounds so exotic Victorian to me. I'm sure it has played a role in several classic novels, but I can't remember which ones.

Jeanne said...

Great pictures -- I love the one of the squirrel (and his reflection).

Rachel Cotterill said...

phd in yogurtry - I'm afraid I have no idea about Stroud in literature, but I'll try to find out. Thanks for visiting :)

Jeanne - you can't believe how thrilled I was when I saw what he was doing, just as I was waving the camera around! :)

Kazzy said...

Great British country shots! Wish I could go back and visit again. Enjoy "your" new camera!

Pam said...

Wonderful shots with YOUR new camera!

Ron said...

thanks for the visit to my blog

I enjoyed the photos .. The first shot is wonderful .. great contrasts .. I have several digital cameras but love my 25 yr old Canon AE-1 35mm camera .. it still takes amazing shots .. some of them are on the blog and on my flickr ..

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