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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Travel Tuesdays #1: Coco Taxi

Alliterative themes seem to be in vogue... so I'm joining in!

I thought it might be nice to feature an as-yet-unblogged photograph from my travels - probably, in the first instance, from times before I had a blog.

A coco-taxi

This photo was taken in Havana, Cuba in March 2007. These cute yellow three-wheeled bubbles are called coco-taxis, and were constantly whizzing around the city. The taxi drivers found it very hard to believe that any tourist could possibly want to walk around the city - in so many countries it seems to be assumed that anyone who can afford it would want to take a taxi to go anywhere. We just wanted to take a gentle stroll around!


Jeanne said...

Too cute! I visited Mexico once, and they used VW bugs for taxis, along with these vehicles that looked like golf carts. They weren't nearly this picturesque, though.

anudivya said...

OMG! It looks so cute! Are those two seaters?

Louise said...

That's the only word for it - cute! Looks like a tuk-tuk gone 21st-century! Lovely.

Kazzy said...

Love the Travel Tuesdays idea! My husband talks about these little bubble taxis in India. I want one!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Jeanne - VW taxis sound cute, too. I haven't been to Mexico yet.

anudivya - yep, there are two little plastic seats in the back, so it's a two-seater as long as you're not too tall or too fat!! :)

Louise - I think they may be about the most modern vehicles in Cuba, actually, given that most of the cars are fixed up with duck tape and bits of plastic bottles...

Kazzy - I didn't know they had them in India, that's another place I haven't made it to yet. One day! :)

Pam said...

They are so cute. I would just have to ride in one!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I totally found that in Viet Nam as well. Walking was only for the very poor and it seemed to cause people physical pain to see me, a rich Westerner, debasing myself by walking!

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