Saturday, 28 February 2009

Further Marshmallow Adventures

Following on from my previous adventures in Marshmallowland...

Experiment 4: Smores

Melting a marshmallow over a candle is harder than it looks. Or at least, it's harder than it looked when my friends did it, when we were at school... but maybe everything looks easy at that age.

Anyway, one large marshmallow + two chocolate biscuits + one small candle = a tasty late-night snackette, although so far I'm not so won over as I was with my previous experiments. If I'm going to have marshmallow and biscuit, I think I prefer it the rocky road way.

Still, this is a learning experience, so all outcomes are good (as in all good science) and this is a lot quicker to make than a batch of rocky road, with less washing up but a higher risk of burnt fingers.

Experiment 5: More Smores

I then followed the recommendations of my readers, and had a go at making smores the modern way - by microwave. Sandwich a cold marshmallow between two chocolate biscuits and stick it in the microwave for thirty seconds.

The real advantage of this is that the chocolate comes out all warm and melty, too. And the marshmallow doubled in size (is this meant to happen?!) and was really gooey. Plus, no finger-burning. Three cheers for the modern age!

I found it much nicer to eat with the melty chocolate, and I'm much more likely to make this again since it's much easier! So thanks to everyone who suggested the microwave.

Experiment 6: Toasted Sandwich

In the supermarket when I was little, they occasionally had a pizza which was a pizza base with chocolate sauce & marshmallows on top.

I haven't had the time or inclination to make pizza lately, but in a similar vein I decided to make a chocolate & marshmallow toasted sandwich.

Buttered the outside of the bread to stop it sticking to the sandwich maker (normally I brush the plates with olive oil but I didn't think that would go so well for a sweet sandwich!), spread the sandwich with Nutella chocolate spread and put half a marshmallow in each side.

It made a very sticky mess of the sandwich machine but it was tasty!


Chaka said...

Thanks to your smore picture, I now have to track down marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocoloate today or it will have been a bad weekend.

Jeanne said...

Looking at all those in one post makes my teeth hurt. I'm guessing you spread them out over several days (or weeks)?

Kazzy said...

I am a total smores lover. Sometimes I use chocolate striped cookies, but the best way is good old graham crackers and chocolate bars. mmmmm Glad you are having fun experimenting!

Anonymous said...

Love your two pics!

Yes - marshmallows get really really huge in the microwave! Another tip is to grill them under the grill in the oven. They taste very much like ones that you grill over a fire if you cook them that way.

Anonymous said...

How funny! I would have never taken you for a smores kinda gal.

Debbie said...

Well now, I am starving thanks to you:)

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