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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Medical Minutes

On Monday I went to my physio, for the tendinosis in my knee. Physio appointments are always scheduled for an hour - they don't always take that long but this week's was the shortest yet:

Physio: Let me look at your knee. *Prod*
Me: Ow.
Physio: Ok, we need to refer you on.

Then yesterday I went to the doctor, for the same sick-dizzy-unpleasantness as last time. Not that I've been feeling awful the whole time, but I have been on drugs to keep it that way, and then I ran out of tablets. So I went back, got some more tablets, and if I'm not okay by the time these ones run out then I'll be back again and (the doctor assures me) they'll be more worried. But at the moment they just think it should sort itself out. Eventually.


Dave King said...

I should be finding something more profound to say, but all I can think of just now is to wish you every blessing.

Dedene said...

Rachel, get another opinion! Dizzyness and nausea have got to mean something. Also, take good care of your knee.

Jeanne said...

I'm resisting the urge to ask if you're pregnant, but only because I once, first-hand, knew a woman whose physician didn't discover that she was pregnant until a week before she delivered, even though she kept going in to complain about weight gain, nausea, etc. Can you imagine stocking a nursery and mentally preparing for parenthood in less than a week? And, they'd just moved into a no-children apartment complex.

Hope you feel better soon!

Jenny Beans said...

Rachel, I've had a similar problem this year at the doctor. Every year I go through difficulty breathing during the winter months, and every year they do all this garbage that doesn't work, and run up my med bills sky high. I hope that your dizziness and nausea is sorted out soon. :( It is no good to be walking around feeling like garbage.

Louiz said...

Hope the knee gets better. About the dizziness, could it be inner ear infection (I had a bad one one summer which meant I felt sea sick the whole summer).

Lilly's Life said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. The winter perhaps plays havoc withyour health. Spring should be here soon enough hey?

Pam said...

I think that maybe getting a second opinion is a good idea.

Emmie said...

yik i hate dr's sometines they just seem so slow in what they do. hope they pull their fingers out soon x

Rachel Cotterill said...

Dave - thank you.

Dedene - that was actually the second doctor I've seen. They think it's probably an ear/balance problem caused by a virus but that it should just go away over time.

Jeanne - I'm impressed that someone could get that close to delivery without knowing she was pregnant!

Jenny - good luck sorting that out, it sounds horrible :(

Louiz - that's what the doctors have suggested, yes - unfortunately that doesn't seem to help in terms of fixing anything.

Lilly - spring is certainly on the way, the snow is starting to thaw!

Pam - it would have to be a third... maybe if it doesn't clear up soon.

Emmie - thanks.

Louiz said...

I took hay fever pills which seemed to counteract the ear infection, enough that I could pretty much forget I was dizzy for hours at a time. I don't know if that would help your dizziness, but it might not hurt to try one and see...

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