Sunday, 15 February 2009

My Valentine's Date

My husband and I went to a friend's 40th birthday party last night. Since last week's pudding night was also a Valentine's treat, this was our second Valentine date for this year. But then, you only get one "first married Valentine's Day" so it's as well to make the most of it!

As we were getting ready, we spotted a deer in the garden:

Actually, there were a couple of them, but only this one stayed still for long enough to get a photo. We have them quite often but we didn't manage to get any photos with the old camera, so it's nice to have some pictures now, especially against the little snow that was left (it's nearly all gone today).

The birthday party was a black/white tie cocktail evening so I got a bit dressed up:

Unfortunately what you can't see in that photo is that my finger- and toe-nails are bright pink to match the jewellery. Very sparkly.

After a few cocktails, the table tennis table looked very appealing. I think it says something* about my skill at table tennis that my standard of play is, apparently, not affected by my inability to stand up without holding on to the corner of the table. (* Probably not good!)

We had a lovely evening and met lots of nice people, then eventually crashed out on the sofa-bed. This morning the birthday boy made us all breakfast (despite our protests that he should let us help) and then we played board games for a few hours before coming home again.

It was a great party, but now I need to catch up on some sleep!


Chef E said...

You look beautiful and what a cool shot of the deer! We just relaxed at home...a well needed rest for me!

Emmie said...

you lucky lady! 2 v-day treats in 1 yr!!

you look v.glam in the piccie, love the idea of pink varnish to match what ur wearing!

Im glad u had a good time :)

and wow at the deer!!

Jeanne said...

My dart-throwing is actually improved by copious amounts of alcohol!

Diane said...

What a pretty dress!! How old are you, though? 15? 16? You look so young!!! And as someone who found 6 new wrinkles and 1,426 new grey hairs this morning, I'm jealous! ;)

Rachel Cotterill said...

Chef E - I think, if this party hadn't happened to be on, we also would've opted for a quiet evening at home. I've only recently learned to appreciate the value of 'down time'!

Emmie - I know I'm spoilt! :)

Jeanne - as much as I like you, I don't think I want to be around you when you're drunk and throwing darts!! At least table tennis balls aren't sharp :)

Diane - um, thank you *blush* you're out by a decade, though!

Lilly's Life said...

You look gorgeous! Glad you enjoyed your weekend and I love the photo of the deer too!!

Catherine said...

That's a lovely dress and you look very happy, I hope your tendonosis is better, sounds painful. The photo of the deer is wonderful, you were lucky to get such a good shot. I posted details of my new camera on the end of the post on my blog you commented on, thanks! I haven't done too much blogging during the week but come the weekend I try to relax and make time!

Jessica said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! I clarified it on there a little.. sorry about that! I had it set to private for a while, but decided against it.
Sounds like you had a fun Valentines Day!

Morgan Mandel said...

Great dress. I'm glad you had a good time. I do remember when we used to go to parties and stay overnight, but the last time we did that was almost 10 years ago when we got fogged in and couldn't drive home. We've had different dogs since we've been married and wouldn't think of not coming home to the doggie.

Morgan Mandel

Kazzy said...

Nice photo! We play a crazy table tennis game where you hit the ball, lay down the paddle and run around to the other side of the table and do it again. When there are 4 or 6 people playing it is really fun, but when it gets down to 2 it is too much of a workout!

Sanghi said...

Oh u look lovely in that black dress Rachel. The deer click is good too in the snow backdrop. Even for me this is 'first married Valentine's day'. Belated wishes! Thanks for stopping by and reading my Pongal post and the caring comments..!

Vodka Mom said...

wait- were you DANCING on the table?

Debbie said...

It must have been a good party if you slept on the sofa! You looked beautiful.

Red Chillies said...

Ah! So glad that I could see your picture Rachel. You look very pretty in that dress. Very glad that you had a wonderful V-day celebration.

julie70 said...

Happy you had a great party and good time!

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