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Friday, 6 February 2009


Like virtually all of Britain, we had some snow at the beginning of the week. Not quite enough that we couldn't go out, but it was getting close. (I was, for the thousandth time, glad that I don't live in London.) It's actually even deeper now, where we are - just about to go out with the camera and play! These pics are from Tuesday.

The view from our house is always stunning, but arguably even more special when it's all white:


We were given this olive tree for our wedding, I'm not sure whether olives are used to this kind of weather!

Olive tree

Some branches that I thought were especially picturesque:


And, because it's all about the bird photography with me at the moment, here's a bluetit courtesy of my 250mm zoom:

Blue tit


Lilly's Life said...

The photos ae amazing - and here I am sweltering in far too warm weather. Least I know what its like for my sister who lives in St Auburns anyway.

mo.stoneskin said...

Beautiful. As I trudged through the snow Monday morning, moping about the untimely disruption, I did wish I had my camera with me. Ah well, when it happens again in 25 years' time I'll be ready.

Peggy said...

I have bird feeders out all winter and among the robins and house swallows I had seen quite al ot of these little birds but was not sure if they were blue tits or not, thanks for the info and beautiflu photos.

Heather said...

How pretty! If I were to take pictures of my yard, you wouldn't even know it's winter. It's been bright and sunny with absolutely no snow. Of course, I do live in the southern-most part of the U.S., so I guess that's to be expected.

Louiz said...

Fantastic photos - but yeah, London was Not Fun at the beginning of the week, and due to a power cut on Wednesday that lasted until Thursday lunch time... today is the first "normal" day of the week. But the backlog is truely something:(

Debbie said...

Beautiful photos. Love the sweet bird.

Domestic Executive said...

These snow pics are great so crisp & bright. We had woodpeckers who lived in our garden in Oxfordshire but could never get a clear picture of them. Nice to see your wee birdy!

ladyfi said...

Snowy Sweden is, well, snowy! Love the pictures.

About the olive trees: they do NOT like snow and cold weather. I suggest you bring it in before it dies.

Lynda said...

Beautiful photo's, Rachel - all that snow looks quite breathtaking - thanks for sharing them :)

vegwife said...

Beautiful photos! :-D

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