Saturday, 21 March 2009

More Random Facts

16. My three most recent 'main' holidays have been by bicycle, car, and train. Time for a cruise?Train

17. I used to think I wanted a pet cat, but I'd be too worried about it hunting the birds. Currently wondering about a tortoise, because they only hunt tomatoes...

18. I've had a walk-in pantry for two years now, and find it hard to imagine how I used to live without one.

19. I've been accepted onto undergraduate degree courses for maths, physics, classics, and (my eventual degree subject) linguistics.

20. I went to look round the Mormon temple in Chorley when it was newly built.

Crochet21. The the first crochet project I started (aside from making dishcloths as a child) was a cardigan requiring 56 identical squares. I'm at 30...

22. I subscribe to the popular notion that most problems can be solved by a nice cup of tea, but I don't like 'normal' tea - I tend to drink mostly rooibos and peppermint.

23. I managed to come in under my estimated budget on both wedding and honeymoon costs. It helps to be a theatre producer!

24.Because university wasn't enough studying, I took a TEFL course in the first summer holiday. I'm hopeless at public speaking but apparently teaching doesn't count... huh?

25. There are three times more computers than people in this house. It's not unusual for my husband & me to each be using one laptop with each hand.

26. I did no training for our 1000-mile cycle trip around Iceland. That might have been a mistake.Rachel with the bikes, Iceland

27. The first time my husband proposed to me, I said no. He now has a fifty percent acceptance rate for marriage proposals.

28. Christmas is my favourite time of the year.

A light snack...29. I've never been on a diet.

30. I got my degree results by text message (from my dad) while I was walking on a beach in Iceland - then went to the bar for a celebratory hot chocolate.

31. I look at my digital photos frequently, but almost never get out the 'real' albums. I'd like to digitize all my old negatives one day.

32. I will be completely astonished if anyone reads all of this list.

33. We're planning to get bees, because I believe in the 'local honey' cure for hayfever and you can't get much more local than your own garden.

34. Some courses I've taken: dry-stone walling, sugarcraft, archaeology, circus skills, chocolate making.Andy puts the last stone in the wall

35. If it's pink, purple, or red, I'm much more likely to buy it.

36. I've never watched more than five minutes of any TV soap, or of Big Brother.

37. I made sugar models of famous landmarks along the Transmongolian railway line for my wedding cake.

38. I'm absolutely in love with puffins - they're just so adorable. Did you know that they mate for life and have one chick each year, but if a baby is orphaned another couple will adopt it?

39. I once bought my husband a chainsaw for Christmas.

40. Patrick Stewart once called me on my mobile.

41. I found it much easier to adjust to sleeping under the midnight sun in Iceland than to get used to the dark again when we got home.

42. Through a strange twist of fate, I got married wearing no makeup. Then I got fed up with high heels, and spent most of my wedding day wearing trainers - they were black & red, so they did at least match my red dress.


Louiz said...

I read them all! What did Patrick Stewart call you about?

Domestic Executive said...

This list makes me chuckle. I'm learning so much more about you. You've done a lot and achieved much. I hope you feel proud of life so far!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Louiz - it was to do with a play I was producing. Long story!

Domestic Executive - I think I'm not doing too badly, but there's a lot more to fit in and life is so short! :)

Melanie@TravelsWithTwo said...

I read them all, too, Rachel! I, too, love puffins...and made figures for my wedding cake (of myself and my husband, out of polymer clay). So we've got that going for us.

You've inspired us to attempt Iceland, albeit not on bikes, in early June. I'm off to check out your Iceland posts...and await a photo of your finished cardigan!

Kim said...

Funny reading your list today - I was just thinking about what to write and how nice it was to look though my albums after so many years when I was looking for my 21st birthday invite.

Sherri said...

I read them all. very nice

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