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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Travel Tuesdays #10: Domus Aurea

This photo was taken in Rome in August 2005.

Rome is absolutely full of amazing, incredible things (it is, after all, the only city I've visited where the apology for having rubbish public transport is 'it's virtually impossible to find anywhere you can dig to put in underground trains'). The Colloseum is probably the most spectacular above ground - but underground, getting in the way of any future metro trains, is Nero's palace, the amazing Domus Aurea. The photo is a bit grainy, but that's because it's nearly pitch black in there - the camera could see these ceilings better than I could. Only a fraction of the palace survives, but that fraction is still huge, and there are original wall paintings covering most of the walls and ceilings.


Chef E said...

There is a show on the travel channel that the guy shows you the under ground tunnels and I am such a geek for that stuff! History was an easy subject for me in school, lol

Ian said...

You won a National Geogrpahic photography competition! That is fantastic. Could you please post the photo that you won with?

Jenny Beans said...

I have so many places I want to travel and your lovely travel Tuesday posts just pour more itching powder on my feet.

Michael Reid said...

My fiance and myself were considering Rome for our honeymoon. I take it you'd reccommend it then?

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