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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Travel Tuesdays #9: Gothenburg Ship Museum

This photo was taken in Gothenburg, Sweden in July 2007.

The ship museum in Gothenburg is one of the most practically educational museums I've ever been to. I was in town for a pragmatics conference and we had a free afternoon so I went, by myself, on a miserable, rainy, stormy day. Not the day you'd necessarily choose for clambering around on boats (mostly outside) but I'm so glad it turned out that way - it gave me a whole new level of respect for the naval forces, and made me eternally thankful that I can spend my days cozy and warm indoors if it's raining. With the rain and wind lashing across the decks, it gave an impression of what it must be like to be at sea where there's no escape from the elements.

I would recommend this place to anyone - choose the worst possible weather for the most mind-blowing experience. Plus, you get to go inside a submarine!


Chef E said...

My husband went there when he traveled to Sweden and met his brother...he loves to go to ship museums...nice! Happy St Paddy's Day to ya!

Kazzy said...

Very cool recommendation. I may get to Sweden one day. My husband's grandparents are from there and he has always wanted to go.

Jenny Beans said...

I'd love to visit that museum, especially in the rain. The sea has a whole other quality in the rain.

Jeanne said...

I once visited Gothenburg, Nebraska, which has TWO museums -- one for the Pony Express office AND a Sod Hut Museum. Both were pretty cool, but this looks even better.

Whoever would have thought that "Gothenburg" is synonymous with "museum."

BTW -- if you get a chance, go by my place and check out the "Spot the Fake Smile" test (unless you already know the secret of the zygomatic smile).

Debbie said...

That looks fascinating.

Travel-world said...

It sounds great! If I can visit Sweden someday I will go their to see and experienced what will be the feeling if I can step in that ship.:)

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