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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Trying To Read My Drunken Scribbles

I just came across the booklet from last summer's Postlip beer festival.

From reading my drunken scribbles, it appears that I bought six different beers and sampled another fourteen.

Judging from a mixture of memory and hastily-scribbled notes, some of the highlights included:
  • Dark Star's Expresso Stout - I would just love to serve this up in expresso cups at the end of a meal. It's exactly what you'd imagine as the love-child of coffee and beer.

  • Nailsworth's Artist's Ale - happy & hoppy, with a slight bitter aftertaste.

  • Potbelly's Beijing Black - dark and treacly, almost no bitterness.

  • Uley's Pig's Ear - tastes of Christmas! Consequently not quite perfect for drinking on a summer's evening.... but that's a poor thing to hold against it.

  • Thornbridge's Jaipur - light and infinitely drinkable, to my peril.

  • Stroud's Organic Ale - every glass comes with the added advantage of feeling virtuous.

The one I really didn't like, on the other hand, was Uley's Hogshead PA - I had a taste from someone else's glass and actually made a note to myself to never buy it. The one word 'AWFUL!' is scrawled across the entry!


Dedene said...

Can you trust notes that you made while under the influence? I thought I loved tequila, but found out that I was delusional.

But the beers do sound interesting!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Dedene - obviously the 'influence' was greater as the night went on, but apparently I was still sober enough to take notes. I'll have to see whether I agree with myself this year!

Jeanne said...

It always troubles me when I can't remember the night before -- but when the night before was a beerfest, I suppost it's to be expected!

Chef E said...

This sounds like my hubby, sober or not you just cannot read his tasting notes :) I remember labels and that is that! I made some new interesting Ethiopian dishes tonight and they came out pretty good, so I was thinking I wish you could have come over! We had live music!

Dave King said...

Sometimes my illegible scribblings suggest things I never would have thought.

Chef E said...

You wrote 15/16 on my comment box, so I assume you mean 5/16? email me so we can

Chef E said...

Silly me, I just saw August, of course, but still we can talk before then via email...cheers! I laughed at roadkill, Texas where I am from, that is a joke...

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