Friday, 10 April 2009

The Birds And The.... Dogs...?

I've recently acquired a new phone (Nokia 5800, if that means anything to you) - primarily in order to have the internet in my pocket, but it also has the benefit of GPS. I've downloaded a handy application that tracks a route and then you can upload it to the internet, and display it on GoogleMaps. When we took a walk through Hyde Park yesterday to go to the V&A, it seemed like a good time to test this out. Here's the result:

Isn't that cute? It didn't quite get the beginning of our walk (I spent a few minutes waving the phone in the air, trying to get a GPS signal) but once it got going, it made a pretty good record of where we went, even down to crossing the courtyard at the V&A to go to the cafe!!

I've already told you a little about our time at the gallery. On our way there, in the park, I had plenty of opportunity to practise my bird photography with a variety of the local wildlife:

And a couple of action shots of dogs:

Dog with frisbee

P.S. I woke up this morning distinctly feverish, and it's raining, so further adventures are on hold for the moment.


Heather said...

Oh, love the pictures! Hope your day gets better.. maybe the rain will clear up so you can continue on your adventure.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures. Hope you are not getting sick. Here's to better weather soon.

Emmie said...

those maps are just cupe. I like the idea of gps on your phone. Apparently my phone has some sort of gps although i havent tried it as yet.

Lovely photos too. The bird photography is really coming along nicely :)

I hope you are feeling better soon too.

Domestic Executive said...

Great pictures - and I love the GPS idea to record where you've been to. I think I'll need a GPS to find my way around when I go back to the UK later this year. I'm sure things have changed a lot in this time. Hope you're not going to come down with something awful.

Kazzy said...

I love your bird photos. Very nice. I remember sitting in Hyde Park and being mesmerized at the number of breeds of dogs that I had never seen before. The Brits love their dogs.

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