Thursday, 9 April 2009

Getting Lost In The City

London terraces

Having recently apologised for my propensity to ramble through English villages, I've now gone to the other extreme and taken a trip to The Big City (aka London) to visit a friend and pretend to be a tourist.

I say pretend because I've bizarrely (for someone as determinedly rural as I am!) actually spent quite a lot of time in London. My ex lived here, I finished off my degree here, and I visit fairly often as I have a lot of friends here.

But I still get lost.

I don't know what it is, but there's something about my internal compass which just goes haywire when faced with streets and buildings. I can happily 'guess' my way across fields and footpaths, and usually end up approximately where I want to be, but put me in a town (even with a map) and suddenly I become geographically challenged and terminally confused. What's this 'north' again?!

So, there won't be many villages in my posts over the next couple of days, but what you do get to see is highly dependent on how lost I get. It'll be an adventure, at least!


Holler said...

Oh dear! Although I fancy that I am just the same!

Dave King said...

We are obviously twin souls, for I have both of those experiences.

Heather said...

Oh, have fun! I'd love to go wander through London for a few days. I'm sure I'd get lost, but it would be fun! :)

Louiz said...

Good luck. If you head out west towards Kew Gardens let me know, we could meet up at some point!

Jeanne said...

Stop in at Wagamama's for me!

Anonymous said...

Getting lost in the city is the best way to have a city adventure!

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