Thursday, 30 April 2009

Greenwich & Deptford

Flower stall

I met up with Julie again last week, in London this time. We spent a lovely morning wandering through Greenwich and Deptford, and it was glorious weather as well which made it even better.


Greenwich didn't feel like part of London, based on the parts of London I've been to before (which is quite a lot!); it felt more like a small town centre.

The 'Milennium Village' had loads of multi-coloured apartment blocks and, in the sunshine, looked like it could have been imported straight from the Spanish coast:

Greenwich milennium village

Deptford, on the other hand, is closer to what I expect of London. One of the morning's most entertaining moments came while I was admiring the huge yams outside this shop in the high street:


Julie asked the shop owner how the yams could be cooked, and he (an Indian gentleman) said "Oh, I don't know, they're black people's food" which was a bit of a shock to me. Then the conversation was joined by a passing American lady who told us how she used them, and we found out she was in the process of setting up a catering business. And they say people in London don't talk to strangers!

Julie also showed me the incredible cafe which I told you about earlier, and some other things which also deserve their own posts (later).

I went on to my next appointment by boat:

Greenwich boat


Heidi Ashworth said...

This brought back such fond memories of my one and only trip to England. sigh . .

Diane said...

I've been to Greenwich several times and, like you, I don't think I've ever really considered it part of London. It's always seemed so separate to me.

As for the yams (or sweet potatoes), baked with a little butter and brown sugar on top... YUM! And so much better for you than a regular baked potato!

Debbie said...

Mercy, those are some impressive yams! Love these photos.

flower said...

I always think if I have to travel I want to travel in style :)

Chef E said...

Oh you know just how to make a person jealous with that boat finale! lol, no Friday Shoot Out?

Kazzy said...

Never been to Deptford before but I do enjoy Greenwich. Great photos!

Ian said...

I used to live in south-east London and haven't been back there for years. Like you, I used to walk around for hours. It looks like there has been a lot of urban improvement.

Jeanne said...

The colors of the flowers pulled me over here, to learn that you know Julie (actually, in person!). She's on my list of "bloggers I'd love to meet."

As are you!

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