Saturday, 11 April 2009

Your Turn

Flowering currant
I try to keep things as happy as possible in Blogland, but given that I'm currently stuck in bed I don't have much to write about if you don't want to hear about all my aches and snuffles.

So, it's over to you.

I'm in bed, I have my laptop, what better time to explore some blogs I haven't read before? Please can everyone recommend a blog that you enjoy reading? Leave a comment to let me know who I should be reading and why.

Thanks :)



Louiz said...

I would recommend Bells ( who is an Australian knitter with the most beautiful photos. She's posting every day this month to celebrate 2 years of blogging, so there's plenty to look at.

musing said...

Hello! Found you thru Nanette's tweet. :)

I have so many favorite blogs it's hard to pick just one. But, if you want to laugh till you fall out of your chair I recommend

Chris said...

Well, I would recommend C.Beth's blog but I followed your link from there. Beth rocks! Happy Easter! Her dad's blog is awesome too. Dwell & Cultivate is the name.

Chef E said...

My TMI of course, and I added you to the list. Also there is one I am going to start participating in, they have a Friday Photo event, and you post the theme of the photos on your site...this next week is, well go read her site post for the day, she does photography of people and places of interest of her hometown, and I like it when you do that...Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff

One more thing, have you ever just hit the top blog banner button and randomly go to each and every silly blog out there? I did out of boredom the other day. I am going to blog about what I found one day...

Jenny Beans said...

I recommend Straight from Hel, she is an amazing blogger. She's an editor/writer, so all of her posts are usually about writing, editing, books, reading... very interesting stuff: I also recommend The Blood Red Pencil, which is a blog for writers and editors, by editors. Very informative posts by a variety of incredible people.

Enjoy, my dear, and feel better soon.

Jochen L. Leidner said...

Hiya Rachel,

You might want to check out the following:

Natural Language Processing Blog

LingPipe Blog

Get well soon from a fellow NLP geek,

Emmie said...

oh poor you rachel :( Bad timing too. Love the photo! I saw the same plant blooming in a local park the other day and wished I had my camera to snap a photo of it!

I have so many to recommend I love my blog friends.. heres some to keep you amused.. , , , , , , ,

they are all great life bloggers, always smething worth reading. I have been reading them ll for about a year now :) xx

kirsty ware said... never fails to make me laugh.

Jeanne said...

Anything in my blogroll.... My takeaway is the ones for writers suggested by Jenny Beans!

MarjnHomer said...

my blog has a huge list of blogs that i find interesting so check them out at

theres too many to rememeber and list

Kazzy said...

I enjoy reading Funny stuff, with a splash of real life with a disabled son.

Nic said...

Thanks for following and commenting on my blog :)

Rachel Cotterill said...

Thanks all for the great new suggestions - my blogroll has nearly doubled... :)

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