Sunday, 24 May 2009

'China in Photographs' Exhibition

If you happen to be near Sheffield over the next couple of weeks, go along to the gallery on Level 4 of the Sheffield University Student Union building to see an exhibition named 'China in Photographs'.

I have a personal interest in this because five of my photos are on display, as part of a university-wide competition. The rules allowed up to five photos, in five categories:
  • Chinese landscapes
  • Chinese people
  • Famous sites in China
  • Culture & everyday life
  • Artistic
Since I conveniently happened to be in China last year, I've entered every category of the contest, including this one for the People category:


I'll let you know if I win anything......

The exhibition opens tomorrow and runs until 5th June.

Don't forget to enter my photo giveaway to win your very own copy of one of my Beijing shots


Anonymous said...

I love the colours, the bubbles, the balloons, the vibrancy. Great shot!

flower said...

I want one of those balloons and bubble blowers.
Thats a difficult competition to enter, how many students can afford to got to China?!

Chef E said...

Your work has been superb, so I would think you would win! I like the photo, so I keep my fingers crossed!

Patty said...

Good luck with your photos. They are so beautiful. If I were a judge you would take first place!

Patty said...

Good luck with your photos. This one is wonderful. If I were a judge, you would take first place!

Anonymous said...

The colors are beautiful. I love the way you captured the bubbles.
Good luck for all your photos in the exhibition. It's wonderful that you've submitted them at all.

Jeanne said...

Great photo -- are you going to share the others with us?

Missy said...

What a nice shot, very colorful and I love the bubbles :-) Good luck in your exhibition. I hope you win.

Emmie said...

Im sure you will win :) This photo is fantastic :)

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