Thursday, 7 May 2009

Greenwich Market

Yesterday I wore my newest earrings for the first time:

I bought them at the market in Greenwich, from a Tibetan man called Yishi who, I found out, left Tibet over a decade ago and hasn't been home since. He told me about the different areas of Tibet and the different landscapes - it sounds beautiful.


Some photos from the rest of Greenwich market:

Greenwich market

Greenwich market

Old photo album (cover)

Old photo album


julie70 said...

I would have liked to favorite on flickr the album - that I did not get so net, but it is "private" and I could not.

I am happy you like the earing! and good souvenirs from Greenwich to you

Elaine Dale said...

Hi Rachel, take a look at Michael Palin's Himalaya series on DVD for some wonderful information about the Tibetan people. Great psot.

MarjnHomer said...

the earrings are cool. but the heads of animals against the wood would creep me out. too much of the real thing! whats the burnt lookin book?

Chef E said...

Wow I like those earring! Well of course you have to if you bought them, so sorry, but I like unique stuff like that too, and the market looks really cool and fun!

Patty said...

They are so pretty. One of my favorite colors. I love all that little glass stuff.

I am a chicken, and have never pierced my ears. Just the thought of someone coming at me with a sticky thing hurts. But are there times when I see earrings like the ones you bought that make me want to say, "Pour some wine down my throat and stick me!"

Missy said...

Nice earrings, but I haven't tried that type of earrings yet :-) You have a nice cool market, a lot of stuff to buy from

Holler said...

Looks like a wonderful market, you could browse happily for hours. Well, I could anyway :)

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