Wednesday, 27 May 2009

House Martins

We were visiting an English Heritage property recently when we noticed a lot of birds fluttering in and out of the windows in the tower. It's times like these when I'm extremely glad of the long lens on my camera; it can see much further than I can!

House martin

Turns out there were house martins nesting in the rafters.

House martins & nest

Not just one or two pairs, but loads. I spent ages happily taking snapshots, while my husband worked out where all the nests were (he can see these things without using the camera zoom).

Pair of house martins

My first attempt to capture one of the birds in flight was a rather amusing failure:

Bad photo of a house martin in flight


GingerV said...

as far as I am concered getting good shots of birds in flight is the # one problem in photography - so when you see one of those fantastic shots that makes the rounds on the internet - you have to say 'what a lucky shot!'

Kate Coveny Hood said...

That last picture looks like a still from Hitchcock's The Birds. I would run screaming if I saw that coming at my camera lens...

Jeanne said...

What pretty birds.

We have a robin and a sparrow who made nests on top of the pillars of our porch this spring. Mama Robin has 4 babies, who keep her exhausted, flying to and fro, finding food. I tried to get pictures, but gave up after almost falling off my stool and into a flower bed.

Jeanne said...

BTW -- I happened across a phenomenal recipe for asparagus soup -- let me know if you're interested.

Emmie said...

haha hey well atleast you tried! It looks kinda bat like!

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