Saturday, 23 May 2009

Malmesbury: A History Lesson

Malmesbury 2000

Set into what looks like a fairly boring flight of steps, embedded plaques tell you a little about events in Mamesbury's past so you can enjoy a history lesson as you climb. They are only brief notes, but nevertheless some interesting local snippets.

Malmesbury 500BC
c.500BC - An iron age community occupied the hill fort here.

Malmesbury 675
675 - Adhelm, founder of the Abbey, is given the first grant of land for his monastery.

Malmesbury 880
c.880 - Malmesbury is given borough status by King Alfred.

Malmesbury 941
941 - Athelstan, King of England, dies at Gloucester and is buried in Malmesbury's abbey, having given King's Heath to the men of Malmesbury forever.

Malmesbury 1180
1180 - Norman abbey building dedicated.

Malmesbury 1490
c.1490 - Malmesbury's market cross is erected, for "poore market folkes to stande dry when rayne cummith"

Malmesbury 1539
1539 - Henry the Eighth sells the abbey to William Stumpe an "exceding rich clothiar"

Malmesbury 1886
1886 - Malmesbury, after a thousand years of burgess rule, forms a new council

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Butler and Bagman said...

Sometimes the most interesting things can be found in little out of the way places...thanks for finding this one.

Chris said...

I liked your brief history there. Very cool. Not sure where Malmsbury is but wow is that place old and historical! I live in Virginia (US) and it is one of the oldest places in the US (settled as early as the 16th century). But not even remotely as cool as that.

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