Sunday, 7 June 2009

Boulder Safari

If you were really hoping to do a safari in Boulder, you'd be longing to see (mountain) lions, and bears, and apparently there are also some pretty cool deer but they hid from me.

However, on Thursday morning I went up into the mountains with a couple of other girls from the conference; we were hoping to see the sunrise, but it was cloudy and we didn't see much sun. We did see a couple of animals in the Rockies that I'd never seen before.

First, a chipmunk who was sitting on a rock a few metres away. I didn't dare try to get closer, but I had my 250mm zoom lens and I just kept my finger on the button to keep taking photos until he ran away:




Chipmunk running

And then I turned around to find a fox sitting beneath the trees, but he looks completely different to the English foxes we get in our garden. Again, I kept my finger on the button until he wandered off, and managed to get some nice shots as he rolled around in the dirt. (Click through to Flickr if you want to see more of the series.)

American Fox

American fox

American fox

At lunchtime, I went walking to where the others had seen some prairie dogs - another new species for me - living wild in 'towns' by the road.

Prairie dogs

Prairie dog

As I was returning from my walk, I heard some birds making a lot of very high-pitched noise under one of the bridges along the creek. I paused, and a mother dove flew away, leaving this nest in plain view:

Baby doves

I am now safely back home, but will probably be blogging about Boulder for at least a couple of days more, as I sort through my photos & memories!


GingerV said...

what a pleasure, the photos of the fox quite good. I look forward to more.

Sam said...

Hey Rachel,

Being from this part of the U.S., the chipmunks are very common. Your fox pics are much more rare and special, though. Thanks for these!


Si's blog said...

Great photos. I envy all of you who have the eye and the camera to get such neat pictures.

julie70 said...

very interesting reportage!
what I have seen (in London too there are foxes) they are so thin! not much to eat, probably...

how far you have gone to find them too, and how many different you found, but I think going into the mountains even if one does not see wildlife animals, the smell and feel of the forest, already!!!

Butler and Bagman said...

What great fox shots...they are usually so shy. I have only caught glimpses of foxes from time to time...never so close, so clear, and so natural.

Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow!

Fantastic shots! Brilliant!

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