Sunday, 28 June 2009

Gaelic Grammar

On one map I see 'mountain' spelt Ben, Bein, Beinn, Bheinn... does anyone know enough about Gaelic to tell me if this is a declension or simply indecisiveness (whether on the part of map-makers or mountain-namers)?

If, like me, you have no idea, feel free to guess & I'll look it up once I get home.

Still not enough internet to upload photos... you'll be hearing about this holiday for weeks after I get back.


Louiz said...

I believe it's a combination of gaelic not originally being a written language so whoever wrote it down was not a native speaker and just wrote what it sounded like and different areas having slightly different accents.... Could be wrong!

Kasia said...

Yep the same story with street names, town names, etc. Even more confusing for a foreigner :) Will you be popping to Scotland's capitol on your way back?

Chris said...

Cant help you... its all Gaelic to me. Love the pics from the trip. Do you ever sit still?

jenny2write said...

I agree with Louiz; I expect the original names were said in a thick accent which the English map makers had to represent phonetically as they saw fit. Then, that became the name! in a sort of circular way

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