Monday, 1 June 2009

I used to be hardcore....

Well, comparatively!

If you're new round here, you may have missed the fact that I cycled 1000-odd miles around Iceland in 2006. In the rain/hail/whatever, and without doing any training first.

Unfortunately, I haven't done much cycling since I moved to a house on a 1-in-3 hill.

So, on Saturday I rented a bike:


Wow, it was pink. And very American-looking (to me, anyway). And had "brakes on the pedals" - hmm, sorry, I had to ask for a demonstration of how that works!

Anyway, equipped with a bike that was a little bit big for me, with only three gears, and with no real idea how to stop - I bravely set off to cycle along the Boulder Creek path and up into the (foothills of the) Rockies.


I got about 10 miles before it started getting too hot, I ran out of water, and I had to come home again to get out of the sun!

Still, it was great fun, and I did take three hours because I was constantly stopping to take photos. Here are a few:






I did spend a little while just exposing for clouds:


Oh, and the birds were nice, but sadly I didn't see any bears:



Nic said...

I want that bike!!!

Patty said...

Beautiful country. I love all the photos, and the bike brings back memories.

I did not know you had cycled so far. You really enjoy things more when you take you time, don't you?

Thanks for taking us along.

Fly Girl said...

I think 1,00 miles around Iceland qualifies as hardcore no matter when it was! I have a pink bike as well but without brake pedals and no hardcore possibilities!

Simply Heather said...

Rachel, thank you for the comment that you left on C.Beth's blog...very much. That's quite an honorable piece to be, the arch. You've blessed me to say that.

Your photos are so crisp and fresh, wonderful to the eye. That you for sharing your journey with us.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Oooh! A pink bike! I love it!

Chef E said...

You should have brought a friend, because you know what they say about getting away from the bear, just out peddle your friend, and you have no worries, lol, sorry but I could not help myself!

I have not been on a brakes on the peddle bike in ages...I might be a danger to society on that!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Hardcore on a pink bike.. love it!

That cloud picture is stunning.

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