Sunday, 21 June 2009

My Cloud Obsession Continues

I've never before seen such a configuration of concentric rings in the clouds:


We're on our way up to Scotland for our holidays, and were bombing up the motorway at 70mph when I noticed the sky - so this photo was taken at high speed by leaning out of the window and hoping for gaps in the trees (I wasn't driving, obviously. I can't drive.)

We stopped off last night at my dad's house, which is on the way north, and just before bed, my husband said he wanted to have a shower. Okay, I said, but I'd like to clean my teeth first; we'd arrived late, I didn't want to have to wait up while he showered.

As I was digging through my bag looking for my toothbrush, I had a sudden thought.

I got up straight away and went into the bathroom, and looked over the bath. I was right: no shower.

I went back and told Andy. "There's a shower in my dad's en suite, do you want me to ask him?"

He walked back through to the bathroom with me.

I was wrong after all.

There is a shower, it's just in a separate cubicle on the other side of the room, so I'd somehow failed to see it when I went through to check.

(In my defence, although I have been here more times than my husband has, it isn't the house where I grew up - and I'm more of a bath girl, myself.... No, those aren't very good excuses really, are they?!)

Speaking of clouds, today I bought a polarising filter for my camera, and I've borrowed a UV filter from my dad. So I may have some interesting and experimental photos to show you later.

Posts may be a bit more irregular than usual over the next few days, I don't really know how much wifi we'll find in the wilds of Scotland. We'll see.


Jenny said...

In my view one of the nice things about the wilds of scotland is the lack of wifi. Have fun!

Chele said...

Beautiful pic. Can't see what you do with the filters.

Jeanne said...

That shower thing -- you really do have your head in the clouds, don't you?

Have a wonderful holiday, and bring us back lovely pictures!

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely holiday. Show me what Scotland looks like.

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