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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Through The Mist

When we were in the mountains on Thursday, just admiring the snow-capped peaks....

Snow-capped Rockies

....when it suddenly got very misty (or cloudy - it could have been low cloud).

My camera rebelled when I tried to use autofocus, refusing to take any photos at all, so I just had to put it on manual (infinity lock!) and hope for the best.

It started as a light mist in the background of my pictures...

A light mist

Mist in the background

A light mist

But it quickly became the main feature of the landscape:


No visibility

This is my favourite shot of the rolling mists filling the valley; you can almost see the motion as it sweeps across:

The mist rolls in


ladyfi said...

Love the misty photos - very ethereal.

jenny2write said...

Lovely pics! I hope this doesn't post twice, Rachel, (I just noticed that Google didn't accept the first time.) I wondered if you had ever seen the mist rolling in to San Francisco bay on a bright and sunny day, when the water and the sky are both bright blue? First time I saw it, it was like a big white snake and took me very much by surprise.

Butler and Bagman said...

Wonderful mist pictures and you have a sharp eye for when the automatic one fails!

Diane said...

I have pictures just like that from the mountains in Washington and Canada! :)

Chris said...

Beautiful photos! Colorado is such a cool state.

Lilly said...

These are wonderful pics Rachel.

Chele said...

Gorgeous Pictures!

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