Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Travel Tuesdays #20: Watersports


This photo was taken in Cuba, March 2007.

I'm not normally the sort of person who goes in for beach holidays - if you've been reading this blog for longer than five minutes, you've probably noticed that already.

It's not that I have anything against beaches, but I'd get bored after about two days.

However, when we went to Cuba we got one night in an all-inclusive beach resort thrown in along with our flights (which were already the cheapest flights we could find!). We enjoyed ourselves - lying on the beach, playing table tennis, drinking free cocktails.... I can almost understand why people choose to spend a couple of weeks in that environment. Almost.


GingerV said...

beaches are not one of my favorite vacations but the sea - I love the seaside - you need to see Rio and then travel inland of Brasil - beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Now you're just teasing me because it's raining over here...

I used to love beach holidays, but not any more.

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