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Sunday, 12 July 2009

A Few Changes

Having had a couple of weeks of mostly-not-blogging while on my holidays, I've had chance to think a bit about how I run this blog.

The thing is, I never sat down and planned to write every day... it just sort of happened that, most of the time, I was doing. And then I started to feel guilty if I missed a day - and that, really, is silly. Don't get me wrong, I love you all, but I don't owe you a daily post. (No-one has ever suggested that I do, but I was starting to feel that way anyway.)

While advising my mum on starting up her new blog (she's just finding her feet - please go and visit her!) I found myself giving advice that I need to follow: decide how often to post, and try to stick to that.

I also noticed on holiday that, when I'm not blogging every day, I have a lot more time and inclination to write other things. Things like, um, my novels, which I've neglected a little bit lately. (And since I have one publisher who's acting interested already, I really want to get a manuscript finished, and see what happens when I send it out properly.)

So, without further ado, I'm cutting back. I'm going to try for four posts a week... but we'll see if I manage to reign myself in that much! At the very least, I want to get myself one blog-free day a week.

Also, I'm starting a new review blog, with a veggie perspective on restaurants I visit (at home and across the world). I'm not really expecting people to read it regularly in the same way as this blog, though the style will be similar, but hopefully it will build into a useful resource over time. The main goal is to stop restaurant reviews from swamping this blog - I've been struggling not to innundate you! If you're veggie or vegan, and fancy contributing a review or two, then drop by and let me know.

I'll be back with a 'real' post tomorrow....


DCMB said...

Aw, your mum's blog has made me sniffle - my daughter is an only child too, and staying that way. It's always reassuring to hear it can work out fine (it has, hasn't it, for your point of view?!)

Patty said...

Just dropping by to say thank you for the good wishes for our anniversary. But for some reason, when Abe first posted the post, he inverted the numbers, our one daughter mentioned it to him, so he corrected it. It's been 54 years.

Jeanne said...

I'm facing the same struggle with my novel (the blogging-eats-my-time issue, not the someone's-already-interested issue). Post whenever you feel like it!

Jacqueline said...

I think twice a week is fine, especially if you have other writing to get on with and another blog. You are still putting a lot of pressure on yourself.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Good luck with your manuscript! I just sent one of my own in last month. It feels very good!

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