Monday, 27 July 2009

More wildlife in my garden


I thought foxes were supposed to be nocturnal - but if it's a sunny day, they frequently come out to sunbathe in our garden. There's often just one, but one day we were visited by two youngsters, who came right up to the house.

Unfortunately, they ran to hide when I opened the window, so I only have through-the-glass shots. But I think the closeness of the shots means I can be forgiven for wanting to share these, despite the imperfections.

They certainly heard - and then saw - me through the window. But this little fella took it in his stride, and decided to sit down and pose for a while:




His brother (I'm assuming they're both boys for no reason whatsoever - I have no idea how to sex fox cubs, and certainly not without getting hold of them) was a bit more nervous - he looked straight up at me and then ran for cover:


Fox runs for cover

Well, who needs a pet when you have these sights right in the garden anyway? They're so cute, especially the way they turn their heads upside down for a scratch:


Compare our British foxes to the American one I saw in Colorado.


Doreen said...

they are cute! looks like they are waiting for a goody from you.

A Scattering said...

Your UK ones get my vote for cuteness - they're adorable!

Chef E said...

What great shots! I have only see a 'real' and up close fox, and that was I think purely accidental. My son was visiting and we made a wrong turn down a woodsy area off the shore area of LI, NY, and it was sitting there, but then ran into the field of tall grass...kind of cool I thought!

Toni said...

How weird you should post about this...just the other day it was a very sunny day and we realised that a fox had made a little 'nest' area for itself in between two trees and sat in the sun/shade all day and let us take photos...very cute!

LadyFi said...

They look as if they are really close. What a wonderful experience!

AndrewCotterill said...

Yes they were really close for some of the photos :o) The pictures of the foxes looking up were about 1.5m away, they on one side of the window (about less than 50cm from the house wall), us on the other looking down from the house window! The other pictures were with them about 8-10m away in the garden.

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