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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Poor Deer

I've mentioned before that we get deer in our garden. Indeed we seem to go through phases, and sometimes we get periods of days or weeks when it's more unusual not to see one. But they are a little bit camera shy, tending to run away if I open the window to get an unobstructed shot, so I was lucky that this one just stopped and looked up at me as I leaned out of the window with the camera.

I was just adjusting the zoom when my husband said "Goodness, something's taken a bite out of him!" (I wouldn't have noticed till I looked at the photos later...)

I wonder if that's why he was less inclined to run away. I hope he's okay.

Injured deer


Jeanne said...

I would have thought "gunshot wound," but I gather hunting isn't as common there as it is here....

Doreen said...

awwwwwwww... hope he/she heals quickly.

Chef E said...

Ouch! I would say maybe he either had a bite taken out, or he fell off a small cliff, and somehow survived...oh the poor thing!

Bells said...

ooh that looks nasty! Poor bugger.

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