Saturday, 18 July 2009

VG Burgers, Boulder CO


Before I went to Boulder, I was very excited. Around a decade ago, back when it was hard work finding veggie food at restaurants in Britain, some vegan friends returned from a trip to Colorado with tales of this town full of vegetarian restaurants where they'd been able to find vegan food with no trouble.

I went. I walked through the streets. And I failed to find any vegetarian restaurants, so I turned to Google. (Usually I do this before any trip, but having heard so many good things about Boulder, I thought maybe I didn't need to.)

VG Burgers is the only vegan food place I uncovered (though they have several branches), and one rainy evening I went to give it a go. The signs advertise organic fast food, making no mention of the vegan provenance, so maybe being vegan is not that popular even in Boulder these days.


As it was raining when I visited, I ate inside rather than at the outdoor tables. It's a bit dark, and not a particularly inspiring interior, but there were piles of free local newsletters to flick through, the staff were friendly, and they played some good music.


I ordered a tempeh burger, made into a 'meal' by the addition of chips and a soft drink.

The burger itself was fine - not terribly exciting, but tasty, with good bread and some nice salad and relishes. The chips I thought were excessively salty, which was a bit of a surprise in what I'd hoped would be a healthier kind of burger bar.

The real surprise winner for me, though, was the drink. Instead of a typical soda fountain with Pepsi or Coca Cola, there was a choice of fizzy things I'd never tried before, made by a company called Oogave. I tried the Watermelon Cream Soda and was hooked - I'd definitely go back just to taste the other flavours (Mandarin Key Lime sounded pretty good!)

Address:Branches across Boulder
Style:Vegan, organic fast-food
Date Visited:2 June 2009


Yasmeen said...

Vegan and organic,sounds healthy :D

christine said...

how disappointing your lack of choice was :( How can veganism go out of favour? Still, tempeh's good, I havne't had any for ages, must look some out!

Wanderluster said...

Have you been able to find other options since then? I thought Boulder was a very friendly vegetarian/vegan hub!

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