Saturday, 8 August 2009

Luna Blanca, Ulan Batar


I find as a vegetarian, it's important to do some research before heading to the more obscure corners of the globe. If I don't manage to get a list of veggie (or at least, veggie-tolerant) restaurants before setting off, it can sometimes be a struggle to find anything more inspiring than a few salad leaves - and that's even more of a problem in places where drinking the water is not advisable.

Even armed with a map from their own website, though, finding Luna Blanca was a challenge. We almost gave up... well, to be honest we did give up on our first day in Ulan Batar, and went to a Thai restaurant instead.

But we tried again before we left, and I was very glad we did. And obviously the Mongolians love the place as well - we arrived at 11.55am for lunch, and by 12.30 the place was so heaving that people were being asked to share tables with strangers.

The food was exceptional, my favourite being the refreshing 'Luna Blanca Special' soup which came with mini dumplings, sliced peppers, and handfuls of fresh coriander. I could eat this every single day:

Mongolian soup

The house noodles (cheap and cheerful) were tasty and filling, spiced and fried up with carrots and tofu, and quite capable of making a meal in itself:


I was a little more disappointed by the 'chicken' - a gluten-based meat substitute in a peanut sauce, served with rice and a little side salad. This was the most expensive thing we ordered, but actually not as tasty and substantially less quantity than the cheaper dishes (though not quite as bad as it may look from the picture, which was taken after we'd started eating).


On the whole I would heartily recommend a visit if you happen to be in the area - unfortunately I don't think I can justify the travel costs just to get some more of the amazing dumpling soup!

Address:Ulan Batar
Style:Asian vegetarian
Date Visited:18 September 2008

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