Wednesday, 5 August 2009

(Not) Joining The NUJ

It's funny how you can be unsure whether you want something, but it still rankles when they say you can't have it.

Someone suggested I should join the NUJ since I'm doing some writing-for-money, and I was umming and ahhing over whether it was worth the money to sign up, but I decided to call them anyway and find out what the deal is.

Turns out the deal is, I can't join anyway - at least not yet. To be eligible, the majority of your income has to come 'from journalism' (which is quite broadly defined and could include novels, photography, etc.). The only student membership is if you're studying a related subject (e.g. journalism... not computer science...). I can see why they have rules, obviously, but it feels like they should have some kind of associate membership for beginners - after all, the time you need most help from like-minded folks is probably at the beginning of your career. Also, they should put the rules in big letters somewhere on their website (like, maybe, a section on eligibility).

Oh well. Now I have another incentive to try and earn more money! It would be kind of nice to have a press pass....


Kate Coveny Hood said...

I agree! I have worked so many events where press just come and go for free. They get to see some of the most interesting speakers. It's like a golden ticket.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a secret society to me! How do they expect to cultivate a new group of professional journalists?
Good luck with your writing!

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