Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Starlite Diner, Moscow

Starlite Diner, Moscow

We knew exactly where we were going first in Moscow. It was seven o'clock in the morning when we got off the train, and after a good fifteen minutes struggling in broken Russian with the staff of the left luggage offices (what do the times above the different windows actually mean?), we wanted somewhere to get coffee and a familiar breakfast. Fortunately, Moscow has its own chain of American-style diners.

With English menus, English-speaking staff, free copies of Moscow's English-language newspapers, and CNN on the big-screen TV, you could almost forget you were in Russia. Generally I wouldn't think that was such a great thing, but for our first stop in the city it was nice to have a familiar environment to relax in as we studied our maps and guidebooks to form a plan for the next few days, and answer critical questions like "where is our hotel?"

There weren't that many vegetarian options, but I had the Mediterranean Veggie Omelet [sic], which was excellent - filled with a tasty mixture of feta cheese, broccoli, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, black olives, peppers and onion. And I tend to be quite pragmatic when I'm travelling: at home, a lack of choice would be a turn-off, but when I'm away I'm just happy to find one dish that I enjoy in each place. The free coffee refills (very American) also cheered me up no end - the only disappointment was finding, when we went back mid-afternoon one day, that unlimited coffee is only a breakfast thing.

Starlite Diner menu

Address:Branches across Moscow
Style:American diner
Date Visited:7 September 2008


Jessie V said...

what fun! i loved the outside photo. thanks for sharing!

Marina K. Villatoro said...


I'd actually like to hear your broken Russia:) I'm Russian and am always so impressed when people can even string 2 russian words together!

Wanderluster said...

It looks like a menu from Denny's!

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