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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Boys & Girls

There's a group of us who often go out for a curry - me, and a group of blokes including my husband.

Last time we went out, though, my husband told me that another friend was also going to come along, with his girlfriend.

"That'll be different," I said. "A girl on our boys' night!"

I think I'm probably lucky that I can have boys' nights out as well as girls' nights..... I don't know why I'm allowed to be an honorary bloke for the evening but it seems to work.


Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Lucky !!!

Kevin Musgrove said...

The "honorary man" thing is odd, isn't it? I've never worked out how the selection process works. It's not down to blokeness, or even a liking for football, it just happens.

Chef E said...

Did you slam a few beer mugs down on the counter with them? Cute... I am an honorary kid this week!

Andrew Cotterill said...

Probably this is not a boys night in the usual definition. It used to be another friend (who is single) and me having food on the way home from work for say an hour and a half, and occasionally one or two other work friends who join us before they travel up to 40 mins home. I go along with the comment that it just happens. I think Rachel has girls nights out where it has been specifically suggested I don't come along as she wants to do "girly things" with just other girls :o)

Jeanne said...

It would be interesting for you to report the conversation from one of those evenings -- or does that break the rules?

Toni said...

I know exactly where you're coming from. When I used to work at Blockbusters there was me and 8 other guys. There were also 3 other girls but I was the only one ever allowed to go round theirs for drinks or go out at the weekend with them...I felt very privelaged!

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