Saturday, 5 September 2009

Troitskiy Most, St Petersburg


Following a bit of research on the internet, I knew there was a chain of veggie cafes in St Petersburg. I even marked all of them on my little tourist map so we could plan to drop in whenever we were near to one.

The first time we found one, we were very lucky that one of the serving staff spoke a few words of English - enough, at least, to offer us dishes including "lasagna" and "potatoes".

Lasagna & Potatoes at Troitsky Most, St Petersburg, Russia

The lasagna was filled mostly with mushrooms, and covered with tomatoes and an extremely generous helping of fresh herbs. "Potatoes" turned out to be boiled along with slivers of carrot, sliced mushrooms, and gentle spices.

So far as we could tell, the menu had a combination of traditional Russian dishes and Italian-inspired pastas, with boards that enabled them to change the dishes daily. We found similar food in other branches, although we never again had the good fortune to have an English-speaking server, and had to get by with phrasebook-limited vocabulary for ingredients (though it seems that Russian has inherited Italian words for shapes of pasta, the same as English - we had linguine one day).

Portions were small, in common with everywhere we ate in Russia - the locals would be ordering two or three dishes each. We hadn't figured that out, so we just ended up having space for cake (can't complain about that, really). It was very cheap even considering the size of the dishes.

Address:Branches across St Petersburg, Russia
Style:Russian-Italian vegetarian
Date Visited:4 September 2008

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