Saturday, 24 October 2009

China In Photographs (Results)

In case anyone was still wondering, the results have now been announced for the 'China In Photographs' competition which I entered earlier in the year. I didn't win, but you can see the winning shots online.

The complete set of photos I submitted:

Beijing railway station
(in the 'Artistic' category)

Buddhist temple, Beijing
(in the 'Famous Sites' category)

Chinese Chess
(in the 'Customs & Everyday Life' category)

China, Hollywood-Style
(in the 'Landscape' category)

(in the 'People' category)


Anonymous said...

They are all super photos. I'm going to go look at the other entries right now.

Domestic Executive. said...

Your pictures of Beijing have brought flooding back all the wonderful memories of our recent trip to Shanghai. I love the one with boys playing checkers or whatever, really captures the moment.

Sebastian said...

Nice set of photos :)

You could certainly do with a landscape lens of some kind though -- if you have a decent DSLR (Canon or Nikon?), the Sigma 10-20 is fantastic, and pretty cheap too.

Ah, I see now that you're using a Pentax point-and-shoot. Might be worth investing in a nice DSLR then...! They are getting impressively cheap nowadays!

Debbie said...

They are all great. I'm particularly taken with the last one. The colors and the bubbles are just sublime.

Hezabelle said...

Gorgeous photos, I'm impressed! My favourite is the one with the bubbles, I just love the colours!

Anonymous said...

Lightings enhance station.

floreta said...

cool i like photography and sounds like you had fun in china!

jenny2write said...

All super. Specially love the "landscape" and "people."

heavealie said...

ohh hey awesome pics!!especially the customs and everyday life and the people category pics!!showed lot of beauty and simplicity in that pics!!keep posting!!

Anonymous said...

Those photos remind me of our trips to China. Wonderful!

julie70 said...

super photos!

phd in yogurtry said...

These are some wonderful photos. Re: the great wall of china - it looks like they've modeled their sign-on-the-hill after the hollywood sign.

China, what were you thinking?!

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