Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Elizabethan Fun at Hardwick Hall

I've told you a little about Hardwick Hall before, so I won't repeat myself, but I did think you might like to see some pictures from a recent Elizabethan weekend there.

With extra special thanks to my husband for taking most of these pictures!

Stalls included the barber-surgeon, who had a pet leech and talked at length about some of the more grusome aspects of Elizabethan life:

Barber-surgeon's stall

Barber-surgeon's tools

Minstrels, playing some rather droning music:


A lady making braids for belts:


A bow-maker, busy fletching (is that a verb?):

Fletcher's stall

Someone cooking over an open fire:


And even a tavern:



Bagman and Butler said...

What a great pair of pants to minstral in!!!

Fly Girl said...

Oh, I love Renaissance Faires! It such fun dressing up and pretending to be in another time. My husband used to be a major chracter in our local Faire, he's got tons of swords and authentic costumes that I'm urging him to use for Halloween!

Jeanne said...

What gorgeous costumes!

phd in yogurtry said...

Oh, I would love to see this. That belt braiding looks beautiful and useful for today, somehow.

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