Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Milennium Harvest House Hotel, Boulder CO

I'll be honest - I didn't really have that much choice about where to stay in Boulder. I was there for a conference (NAACL 2009, if you care), it was the conference hotel, and almost everywhere else was full by the time I decided to go. It felt a little expensive, even at conference rates, but travelling alone always results in higher (per capita) hotel bills which I'm not really used to.

The room was huge and nicely laid out, with two(!) double beds, a good-sized desk, and a comfy seating area by the window. Arguably bigger than I really needed for just little old me, but given that I was there for a week, the extra space was appreciated.


One of my personal hotel bugbears is when there's a card suggesting that you might wish to save the environment by not having your towels washed, and you dutifully follow the instructions, only to find that they change all your towels anyway. I've encountered this at a lot of hotels, so it's by no means unique to the Milennium Harvest House, but they were guilty of this. On the plus side, they also had a similar system for not getting your sheets changed, which seemed to work fine.

The breakfast buffet was included in the conference rate, and seemed quite nice: a selection of bread and pastries, fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, diced potatoes, and french toast (there was also some meat for the omnivores). By the end of the week, though, I was getting a bit bored - the only variation day-to-day was an alternation between french toast and pancakes. I didn't try the restaurant in the evening, although the food they put on for the conference's welcome reception was yummy (mushroom quesadillas, mostly).

The real selling point for this hotel, though, is the setting and facilities.


The hotel is in spacious grounds which, as well as some pleasant gardens, have tennis courts and swimming pools; the gardens also back onto the Boulder Creek Path which is a beautiful route through the town and out into the mountains.

It's worth being aware that they have live music in the gardens on weekend evenings during the summer - whether you love or hate this probably depends on your tastes, but it was loud enough that I couldn't get to sleep before the party finished.

Being at a conference for the week, I didn't really have enough time to make full use of what was on offer, but I got daily use out of the (indoor) swimming pool and gym, and I did hire a bike one morning for a short ride into the Rockies (the prices seemed very reasonable, and I didn't have to decide in advance how long I'd like to be out, which was a definite bonus).


I'm not sure whether I'd stay here again, if I had more time to investigate other options, but it was certainly an enjoyable week.

Address:1345 Twenty-Eighth Street, Boulder, CO
Date Visited:30 May - 5 June 2009

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