Saturday, 3 October 2009

Mokafe, Brussels

Belgian waffle

When we stepped off the Eurostar into Brussels at some crazy time of the morning, I wanted one thing: waffles for breakfast.

My husband took a little more persuading (he has a sweet tooth generally, but when it comes to breakfast he'd prefer a full English), but I can be quite persuasive, apparently, so off we set in search of a waffle shop.

What we found was Mokafe.

Mokafe, Brussels

The waffles were yummy (I ordered chocolate, my husband ordered strawberries, and we did a bit of mix-and-match), and with competitive prices even when compared to the local take-away stalls. Coffee came in one of those cute little filters that sits on top of the cup, and as with (apparently) everywhere in Brussels, you get a random sweetie with every drink.

But I think what took us back to Mokafe the day after (and the day after that!) was probably not so much the food as the setting. Plenty of 'outside' tables, as you can see, but 'outside' in this case is still sheltered in the beautiful Galleries St Hubert.

We did try their continental breakfast (bread, croissant, butter, jam, cheese, coffee, orange juice) one day, which was also good, but maybe not quite as exciting as the waffles. Still, as another blogger said when writing about this cafe, "the traveler's challenge is to find good, simple, local food without getting ripped off." Says it all, I think.

Galleries St Hubert, Brussels

Address:Mokafe, Galleries St Hubert, Brussels
Style:Belgian cafe
Date Visited:4, 5, 6 September 2009


Sanghi said...

Wow.. delicious tempting pictures rachel!

Lindsay said...

I am new to your site, but enjoying your cafe/restaurant recommendations. I am also going to Belgium in a few weeks, and am now looking forward to eating waffles at Mokafe! Can't wait! Thanks for all the tips!

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