Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Planters Cafe @ Trebah Garden, Cornwall

We were lured (I make it sound like a bad thing, but it isn't) to Trebah Gardens with promise of flan for lunch.


As it happened, I was feeling under the weather, and the soup (butternut squash & chickpea) appealed much more than the roasted vegetable & goat's cheese which was the veggie flan option, but it was the flan that got us through the door. For this, I'm thankful.

Planters Cafe is in the visitor centre of Trebah Gardens, but (sensibly) you don't have to buy a ticket for the garden to eat there. It would be stunning to sit outside in the summer, but on a drizzly November day, we settled for a window seat.


The soup was hearty and warming, just the sort of thing I'd make at home, and I also shared a large bowl of potato wedges with my husband.

Potato Wedges

The food was simple, homemade, and tasty. Every veggie dish on the menu sounded like something I'd make at home, but I walked away feeling it had been good value. Yes, I could have made those things myself, but I wouldn't have been able to serve them in such a lovely setting, and - importantly - I couldn't have made them better. The same, perhaps. But not better.

And finally, because she was terribly excited at the idea of being in my blog, here's our lovely friend Mollie who took us along - pictured here with her flan, and a nice glass of wine:


Address:Planters Cafe, Trebah Gardens, Cornwall
Style:English cafe
Date Visited:19 November 2009

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