Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Longships @ Land's End Hotel, Cornwall

As a nearly-lifelong vegetarian, I'd never been to a carvery before I met my husband. I mean, why would you, if you don't want the meat? He talked me round to the idea of unlimited vegetables, and also pointed out that there's often a vegetarian option on the menu (while "just one option" isn't usually a winner, if the omnivores only have a couple of choices, I'm not going to take it personally).

In Cornwall recently, we were staying with a friend who had two-for-£15 vouchers for two courses at Longships, the restaurant at the end of the world. Okay, the end of Cornwall. Whatever.

I wasn't feeling terribly well (I've been ill a lot lately) but fresh veggies and bracing sea air appealed, so we went.

Two courses could include a starter or a pudding - one of our party went for the cream of leek soup, which looked oily, and everyone else opted for pudding. The vegetarian option was a stuffed pepper with roasted tomato sauce; I don't know if it changes week by week.

Stuffed Peppers

The peppers were roasted, and stuffed (though by no means bursting) with more peppers, onions, and mushrooms. The sauce was incredibly rich and delicious, very creamy, almost too rich for my delicate stomach. It was prepared to order, which meant a five minute wait, but also that the food was piping hot.

As for the vegetables.... For me, going to a carvery is all about the vegetables. More often than not, I'm slightly disappointed in the quality, but make up for it in quantity. This time I didn't go for quantity (not feeling up to a huge meal - though my husband more than made up for my restraint!) but the quality was absolutely excellent. There were roasted and boiled potatoes, carrots, sprouts, cauliflower, roasted parsnips, and red cabbage. Everything was cooked to al dente perfection - a rarity in any mass catering situation. My only slight quibble would be that the roast potatoes could have been a tad crisper - but they were still yummy. They'd run out of parsnips when we went up to fetch our vegetables, so they offered to bring some to the table later. I also managed to nab a yorkshire pudding.

For dessert we had slightly-unseasonal Christmas pudding (they'd also got their tinsel up early!) and, between us, tested off-menu ordering with combinations of custard, cream and ice-cream on the side. Finished off with coffee, and we definitely weren't hurried, because it was almost three hours later when we finally left our table!

Considering the spectacular sea views from every table - we had incredible storms - and the quality of the food, I'd definitely eat here at full price next time.

Address:Longships Bar & Restaurant, Land's End Hotel, Land's End, Cornwall
Style:Traditional English/Cornish (Carvery on Sundays)
Date Visited:22 November 2009


Irene said...

So glad you stopped by, eventhough you did not intend to. Thank you for introducing me to your world. I love your adventurous spirit, and your integrity.
I have long been a collector of knowledge myself. It is a good thing as long as you enjoy collecting and sharing. I can see you long to do both.
I look forwarding to reading your fiction.
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

Patty said...

Enjoyed seeing some of the dishes. Very interesting. We have been vegetarians for over 30 years. Actually, vegan. We just eat plain old foods with no salt or butter. I think I can adapt some of the dishes to our way of eating.

Oh, I can't really say we are vegan because for the first in time in over 30 years we are eating eggs again. I stumbled upon a couple who has one rooster and seven pet hens. They all have names, a beautiful little home, and are never eaten.

Happy New Year!

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